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Informations sur la langue
Nom de la langue
  • Volapük ENG
  • Volapük FRE
Nom indigène Volapük
Codes des langues
  • ISO 639-2/B: VOL
  • ISO 639-2/T: VOL
  • ISO 639-1: VO
  • ISO 639-3: VOL
Famille linguistique
Domaine individual
Type individual
Traductions multi-langues
Traduction Traduction langue Code
Волапюк Bulgarian BUL
Volapük Croatian HRV
Volapük Czech CZE
Volapük Danish DAN
Volapük Dutch; Flemish DUT
Volapuk English ENG
Volapüki Estonian EST
Volapük Finnish FIN
Volapük French FRE
Volapük German GER
Βόλαπουκ Greek, Modern GRE
Volapük Hungarian HUN
En Icelandic ICE
Volapük Italian ITA
Vola Latvian LAV
Volapiukas Lithuanian LIT
Volapuk Maltese MLT
Volapük Norwegian NOR
Volapük Polish POL
Volapük Portuguese POR
Volapük Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan RUM
Volapük Slovak SLO
Volapük Slovenian SLV
Volapuk Spanish; Castilian SPA
Volapük Swedish SWE
Volapükçe Turkish TUR