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Autres noms
Traduction Traduction langue Code
Mayotte Afrikaans AFR
Mayotte Aragonese ARG
Mayotte Asturian; Bable; Leonese; Asturleonese AST
Mayotte Basque BAQ
Mayotte Bosnian BOS
Mayotte Breton BRE
Mayotte Catalan; Valencian CAT
Mayotte Cornish COR
Mayotte Croatian HRV
Mayotte Czech CZE
Mayotte Danish DAN
Mayotte Dutch; Flemish DUT
Majoto Esperanto EPO
Mayotte Estonian EST
Mayotyy Filipino; Pilipino FIL
Mayotte Finnish FIN
Mayotte French FRE
Mayotte Galician GLG
Mayotte German GER
Mayót (Μαγιότ) Greek, Modern GRE
Mayotte Hungarian HUN
Mayotte Icelandic ICE
Mayotte Indonesian IND
Mayutti Inuktitut IKU
Mayotte Italian ITA
Mayotto (マヨット) Japanese JPN
Mayotte Javanese JAV
Mayoteu, Mayot'ŭ (마요트) Korean KOR
Maiotta Latin LAT
Majota Latvian LAV
Majotas Lithuanian LIT
Mayotte Luxembourgish; Letzeburgesch LTZ
Mayotte Norwegian NOR
Maiòta Occitan OCI
Majotta Polish POL
Mayotte Portuguese POR
Majot (Мајот) Serbian SRP
Mayotte Spanish; Castilian SPA
Mayotte Swahili SWA
Māyǭt (มายอต) Thai THA
Mayotte Welsh WEL