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IP Intelligence Service

The GeoIPs IP Intelligence Service allows real time identification of your website visitor's geographical location by using IP address. Our Geolocation Service communicates with your application and provides geographic location and IP related information:

  • hostname
  • owner
  • continent name, continent code
  • country name, country code
  • region name, region code
  • county name
  • city name
  • latitude, longitude
  • timezone
  • official language
  • currency

Features of GeoIPs Service

  • real-time IP Lookup
  • intuitive REST API
  • different types of response: XML, JSON, plain text
  • easy registration
  • quick integration with your website

Why IP Intelligence

Because IP Intelligence reveals IP address and geographic location of your website visitors, you can:

  • enable targeted online advertising
  • prevent fraud
  • present content on location basis
  • analyze website traffic

How it works

Learn how to use GeoIPs API

Within minutes, our API can help you create a connection with your website visitors. Anyone can do it, it's that easy. Read GeoIPs Developer API Guide.