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Currency name Fractional unit Symbol Code
Kwanza Cêntimo Kz AOA
Burundi Franc Centime Fr BIF
Pula Thebe P BWP
Congolese Franc Centime Fr CDF
Cape Verde Escudo Centavo Esc CVE
Djibouti Franc Centime Fr DJF
Algerian Dinar Santeem د.ج DZD
Egyptian Pound Piastre £ EGP
Nakfa Cent Nfk ERN
Ethiopian Birr Santim Br ETB
Euro Cent EUR
Ghana Cedi Pesewa GHS
Dalasi Butut D GMD
Guinea Franc Centime Fr GNF
Kenyan Shilling Cent Sh KES
Comoro Franc Centime Fr KMF
Liberian Dollar Cent $ LRD
Loti Sente L LSL
Libyan Dinar Dirham ل.د LYD
Moroccan Dirham Centime د. م. MAD
Malagasy Ariary Iraimbilanja Ar MGA
Ouguiya Khoums UM MRO
Mauritius Rupee Cent MUR
Kwacha Tambala MK MWK
Mozambique Metical Centavo MT MZN
Namibia Dollar Cent $ NAD
Naira Kobo NGN
Rwanda Franc Centime Fr RWF
Seychelles Rupee Cent SCR
Sudanese Pound Piastre £ SDG
Saint Helena Pound Penny £ SHP
Leone Cent Le SLL
Somali Shilling Cent Sh SOS
South Sudanese Pound Piastre £ SSP
Dobra Cêntimo Db STD
Lilangeni Cent L SZL
Tunisian Dinar Millime د.ت TND
Tanzanian Shilling Cent Sh TZS
Uganda Shilling Cent Sh UGX
CFA Franc BEAC Centime Fr XAF
CFA Franc BCEAO Centime Fr XOF
Rand Cent R ZAR
Zambian Kwacha Ngwee ZK ZMW
Zimbabwe Dollar - - ZWL