Congo, the Democratic Republic of The

Code Value Notes
Alpha-2 CD Alpha-2 code from ISO 3166-1
Alpha-3 COD Alpha-3 code from ISO 3166-1
Numeric 180 Numeric code from ISO 3166-1
ITU COD Codes assigned by the International Telecommunications Union
FIPS CG Codes from the U.S. standard FIPS PUB 10-4
IOC COD Codes assigned by the International Olympics Committee
FIFA COD Codes assigned by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association
DS ZRE Distinguishing signs of vehicles in international traffic
WMO ZR Country abbreviations used in weather reports from the World Meteorological Organization
GAUL 68 Global Administrative Unit Layers from the Food and Agriculture Organization
MARC cg MAchine-Readable Cataloging codes from the Library of Congress
DIAL 243 Country code from ITU-T recommendation E.164 (international dialing code)
TLD .cd Country code Top Level Domain