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Country United States
Country code US
City Ashburn
Latitude 39.0481
Longitude -77.4728
Continent North America
Timezone America/New_York
Owner Amazon.com, Inc.

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The GeoIPs IP Intelligence Service allows real time identification of your website visitor's geographical location by using IP address.

How to use

  • register for a GeoIPs user account
  • read GeoIPs Developer API Guide
  • register an application - API key
  • test the GeoIPs API immediately


  • real-time IP Lookup using REST API
  • response: XML, JSON, plain text
  • quick integration with your website

Pricing Plans


  • (up to) 100 queries per day
  • € 0 / query
  • no discount
  • no support
  • API call history


12 / month
  • (up to) 2500 queries per day
  • € 0.00016 / query
  • 20% discount
  • support available
  • API call history


21 / month
  • (up to) 5000 queries per day
  • € 0.00014 / query
  • 30% discount
  • support available
  • API call history


33 / month
  • (up to) 10000 queries per day
  • € 0.00011 / query
  • 45% discount
  • support available
  • API call history